Introduction to SoundBridge Commander


What is a SoundBridge?

The SoundBridge is a line of network audio players by Roku Labs. They can stream audio from any iTunes, Windows Media or Firefly server on your local network, and from internet radio stations as well. You can see the entire line of SoundBridge audio players here.

What is the SoundBridge Commander?

SBC (AKA "SoundBridge Commander") is a powerful tool for controlling your Roku SoundBridge M1000, M1001, M2000 or SoundBridge Radio from your computer. It offers all the features of the hand-held remote and adds alarm and snooze functions, immediate access to the internet radio presets and a sophisticated search function.

What do I need to run SBC?

SBC is written in Java, and can run on any computer with at least version 1.4 of that language. This includes any Macintosh with OS X 10.3.9 or newer, any Windows XP machine and most Linux systems. In addition, double-clickable versions are provided for both OS X and Windows.

Where can I get it?

You can download the newest version of SBC from SourceForge. Logo     Back