Known Bugs


Known Problems/Limitations

  1. The Pinnacle SoundBridge and the Roku M500 do not support the display function of the SBCommander. When connected to an M500 or Pinnacle, SBCommander will report "no connection" even after connecting. The remote buttons will work, however.
  2. When using a firewall, make sure port 5555 has been opened to permit communication between the SBCommander and the Roku.

There are no other known bugs for the SoundBridge Commander. For a current list of all outstanding bugs, go to SourceForge.

Reporting Bugs

You can report problems by submitting a bug report. If you want a reply to your bug report, please include your email address. For other issues, offers of money, lottery prizes we didn't know we won, et cetera, send us mail. Logo     Back